United States Capitol

United States Capitol
CountryUnited States
Year1793 - 1892


  • Architect:Dr. William Thornton
    Stephen H. Hallet
    George Hadfield
    James Hoban
    Benjamin Henry Latrobe
    Charles Bulfinch
    Thomas U. Walter
    Edward Clark
    Elliott Woods
    David Lynn
    J. George Stewart
    George M. White
    Alan M. Hantman
  • Developer:Congress

Building Info

  • Materials:marble
  • Height:87,8m / 288ft
  • Floors:5
  • Address:At Independence Avenue, Constitution Avenue & 1st Street


  • The first Capitol was originally designed by Dr. William Thornton. The still unfinished building was set on fire by British Forces in 1814. It took until 1826 before the Capitol building was finished by the Bostonian architect Charles Bulfinch.
    The Capitol building was later extended and in 1856 the original dome by Bulfinch was replaced by a larger, cast-iron one designed by Thomas U. Walter.The building is 751 ft long and 350 ft wide and contains 540 rooms.
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