Ringstraße, Vienna
Ringstraße, Vienna
Ring Road
The Ringstraße is a boulevard created in the 19th century at the site of the former city fortifications. In a span of just two decades a host of magnificent buildings were erected here, from a city hall to an opera house.
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Location: The Ringstraße is composed of the Schottenring, Dr. Karl Luegerring, Dr. Karl Rennerring, Burgring, Opernring, Kärntnerring, Schubertring, Parkring and Stubenring
Subway: Schottenring (U4)
Schottentor (U2)
Volkstheater(U2, U3)
MuseumsQuartier (U2)
Karlsplatz (U1, U2)
Stadtpark (U4)
Stubentor (U3)
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